What is going on? How does that work? Who are these crazy people?

All we can say is good luck figuring it out.

You can see it when we go out in public with our CB crew, (and even embarrassingly, sometimes when it’s just the two of us) people looking at these Crazy Gringas trying to figure us out. (It’s not just in Guatemala either!) But when you add in a whole slew of kids who certainly don’t look like us, or speak the same language, we’ve really got people guessing.

For Esperanza has become a release of sorts for us, a way to process our thoughts, share our experiences, and shed light on the amazing ways a children’s home in Guatemala is providing hope and healing for some of Guatemala’s most vulnerable children.

I am so grateful that we get to do it together.

There are a whole lot of us (gringas and gringos) who have lost our hearts (and minds) over these kids and the staff at CB. Our love for them pushes us way out of our comfort zone and makes us do crazy things! We would love to hear your stories and see your photos!


Ashley Cunningham

I love words. I love reading them. I love writing them. I love the power that they hold in sharing stories that have real and lasting impact. I love that they can build bridges and foster relationships. Words are a basic catalyst for change and the central element of every part of my day.

As Development Director for Friends of Children Everywhere, Casa Bernabe’s stateside non-profit, my heart beats for advocating for, and giving voice to, the vulnerable and the neglected. My passion lies with the children and families I am blessed to represent.